Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Camper Lives!

After a long layoff, I will have some pics coming up of the rebuilt floor. The vinyl flooring has been ordered and should be in early next week. I hope to put in a full days work the next go round and get plenty of pics. The layoff is over!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Time to bring in some extra hands. Got the trailer on her side to make it easier to unbolt the floor from the frame. I didn't have any trailer jacks to do this, hence putting her on her side.

All of the bolts were rusted to the nut underneath. We have to cut the bolt.

The floor to be put aside and used as a template for the new floor. I will probably go ahead and get new wheel wells too.

The frame, much better shape then I thought.

Superficial rust, we did a test run with a sander. Need to get a stronger sheet of sandpaper for the job. Will continue the job later. Also ordered some POR-15 and a top coat which should be in next week.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Moved the project inside. Fast forward a bit, Ive got it down to one wall.

The pile gets bigger.

One last look at what once was.

Bed frame gone, cutting the cables to the water tank. The tank will be replaced with a new one.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Peeling the camper

The nozzle I can't get off. I was working alone, so need to get a vice grip or a stronger pair of hands.

Survey the mess.

As bad as the wood was in spots, I was still impressed with how good it was in most areas. Douglas Fir!

This is probably about 75% of the screws I removed.

Windows removed, not too difficult.

Started peeling the skin off. Whadda y'know, wood rot! Mostly in the seams, but I'll say for being 47 years old it could've been worse.

Almost chewed completely through.


Couldn't get this side off completely. The water tank nozzle was rusted on the threading.

Friday, April 30, 2010

So I bought her..

She was listed for $1400, talked the nice gentlemen down to $800 since I felt it was a rebuild due to the rot inside. She left Arizona via uShip (which I highly recommend when getting something moved), and arrived in Houston 5 days later. She is indeed a complete rebuild. The floor is buckling along with the ceiling. There is wood rot on both side walls, so I'm gonna essentially throw a stick of dynamite inside and start over. The aluminum is in excellent shape aside from whatever genius decided to use house paint on the outside. I'll strip it bare and see where to go from there.

Now the Interior - where it gets interesting

Nice sales tactic, table cloth, and tea kettle. Sucked me right in.

Water Damage

It could go at anytime.

Not a big fan of the full mattress, I'll turn this into a gaucho.

More water damage near the window.

First pictures - as she sat in Arizona desert

Here she is as I first saw her.

Love the bare aluminum at the top.

Small beauty mark in the front.

Yeah, I really like her. $800? Done.